Designed for students who have had limited orchestral experience (1 to 3 years) and who are working on mastering their reading ability. All students should have basic note-reading skills, including the ability to identify pitch names and play various rhythms using whole, half, quarter and eighth notes. Students should be comfortable playing in first position the keys of G and D. This ensemble builds solid, fundamental rhythmic and orchestral skills including improved sight-reading abilities, expanding first position and starting third position. Students will work in sectionals with professional coaches who are among the finest performers and teachers in the area.

Audition Requirements

  1. Scale requirement

  • violin, viola and cello - scale of your choice, two octaves
  • bass - scale of your choice, one octave 

2. Solo piece

All candidates must prepare a solo piece of their choice. The selection should accurately represent overall musicianship. Please provide the judging panel with a copy of your solo piece, and be prepared to play different sections in your piece at the judges request. No accompanists, please.
Suggested Material: Suzuki Books II through IV.

  3. Sight-reading

What the Judges will be looking for during your PO audition.

Violin/Viola: right-hand position established, arm drawing the bow straight. Good left-hand position with flexible fingers. Can produce a clean, clear, centered pitch with an established bow stroke. Ability to perform basic bowing styles.
Cello: All of the above plus forward and backward extensions.
String Bass: All of the above plus half and third positions.